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Commercial Gate

Commercial Gate

Gate Repairs West Hollywood is corporation that takes care about their customer first. We understand that if our customers are not happy then we’ll not have a corporation. For this our consumers are significant to us at first. We confirm that we provide our consumers quality service all time in order that they’re always overly pleased with what we perform for them at a low price.

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Automatic Gate

Automatic Gate

One of the very famous is the movie industry that is known all over the world. It is a place where the most expensive movies that sell very highly are made. It includes action movies, romantic movies and animations among many others. The most famous actors who are also very rich live in this place.

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Driveway Gate

Driveway Gate

Hollywood is a very famous place all over the world because it has movie industries where some of the very famous movies that are also very expensive are made. One of the very expensive ones is Titanic which revolves around a ship that capsizes. There are others also like the very best of Arnold Schwarzenegger:

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Gate Repair West Hollywood

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Welcome to our company Gate Repair West Hollywood

Get exceptional gate repair services in California. Our gate company is enthusiastic in delivering top quality services for gate repairs and maintenance. Our skilled technicians are properly trained to use modern tools for successful fixing outcomes. We will help you make your home safe and secure.

Address: Larrabee St
West Hollywood, California
Zip code: 90069
Phone: 323-331-9136

Hours of Operation:

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
Residential gate repair and maintenance services by experts.

Home Sliding Gate Track Repair & Chain Replacement


Welcome to Gate Repair West Hollywood where we treat all of our customers like movie stars.  Our excellent driveway gate service is just what the doctor ordered and our emergency gate repair service 24/7 displays are dedication to making sure that our customers always get gate service whenever they might need it.  Our driveway gate company in West Hollywood is a licensed, bonded and insured driveway gate contractor.  No one can supply, install or repair driveway gates like we can.

Gate Repair West Hollywood

We are the long term choice of many building contractors when it comes to gate installation. We pay special attention to details and clients’ needs when performing new gate installation. Moreover, specialize in different gate types be it overhead, roller, driveway gates, swing, and sliding or even ornamental iron gates. Additionally, offer clients a wide selection of gates they can choose from and are not only masters in installation but repairs too. Experienced and well-trained specialists complete a careful diagnosis of problems and offer the perfect solutions to all gate problems. You will surely be delighted by the services received from our highly efficient, honest, and service oriented gate specialists.

Best Driveway Gate Openers

Gate Repair West Hollywood,CAThe best driveway gate openers in West Hollywood can be found right here with our driveway gate company.  We only provide the most trusted brand names in the business like Viking, FAAC, Reno, GTO Pro, DoorKing, Ramset, Linear, Multi-Code, Elite and All O Matic. Using their outstanding troubleshooting skills our expert techs will replace, repair, supply or install the best gate opener you could hope to find in the community.  It does not get any better than this.

Awesome Wrought Iron Fences

If you have been considering custom made iron fences in Westlake Village then our wrought iron fence company is the best place to turn.  Our welding team has loads of experience and can make your very own design a reality.  A few of the fences we can provide for our customers would be:

  •     pool and house fences
  •     ​ornamental work
  •     residential and commercial fence
  •     post repair
  •     block pillars for fence
  •     ​wrought iron fence
  •     fence installation
  •     picket fence
  •     fence repair

Don't miss out on the best wrought iron fences in the city. Call our driveway gate company today.

Exceptional Custom Made Gates

Whereas some people are satisfied with the basic driveway gate, others are drawn to the possibilities found in custom made gates that are created just for them.  Imagine a gate with your business logo or family crest. It is possible if you use our custom made gates service in West Hollywood. You can choose from these gates and much more:

  •     overhead gates
  •     swing gates
  •     sliding gates
  •     parking garage gates
  •     wrought iron gates
  •     electric gates
  •     walk through gates
  •     barrier arm gate
  •     iron gates custom made automatic driveway gates

Dependable Gate Repair & Install

For dependable gate repair & install service you want to contact our West Hollywood Driveway Gate Service. Our professionals can install and repair many types of gate openers and devices.

We can also offer safety gate sensor repair and install, gate wheels repair, broken hinge repair, and gate track repair as well as the options listed below:

  •     new installations
  •     broken gate repairs
  •     hinges welding
  •     post repair
  •     residential & commercial broken gate spring repair
  •     exit loop installation and repair
  •     spring replacements

Trusted Gate Company-Contractor

We are very proud of the bond our gate company-contractor in West Hollywood has formed with our customers. Our emergency gate repair service is available 24/7 and has the led the way and our customers know they can trust us to deliver exceptional driveway gate service each and everyday.

Professional Phone Entry Systems-Intercom

We are confident that we can provide excellent phone entry systems-intercom service for our customers in West Hollywood. Here are some of the things we can do for you:

  •     residential & commercial residential entry systems, as well as any keypads telephone entry systems
  •     phone gate systems

Friendly Gate Repair - We have a team of approachable and friendly contractors who can help you with services of gate repair. Our group operates in California and is able to come out for a quick quotation on your work. We also offer long term contractors for home maintenance.

Pedestrian Gate

This type of gate is designed to allow one person to walk through it at the time. This is where its name comes from. This also explains its small width. A pedestrian gate is installed at an entry point to the property that has to be secured. It can be set up separately or next to an automatic gate designed for vehicle entry and exit. A pedestrian unit can be made from different materials with the main options being steel, aluminum, iron and wood. It has swing design to enable the convenient manual opening and closing. The gate is attached to a post via two or three hinges set fixed distances apart. It is possible for a gate of this type to be automated with the use of an opener and a moving arm. It is also possible for an automatic door closer to be attached to it.

Faac is a company which among other products also provides solutions for automatic gates and barriers as well as access control systems. We are the company you can trust for the service of these systems. Our technicians provide residential and commercial gate service for years and are experts in automated systems designed for all gates. We can deal with any problem related to the products of this brand and can assure our clients of our competence to carry through every service with efficiency. The response time of our professionals is fast, especially if there is need for emergency same day service. We know how to program and install gate intercoms and are proficient in the replacement, installation, maintenance and all repair services of gate openers.

Fast Response Broken Driveway Gate Repair & Replacement Services

Looking Deeply Into Gate Services

There are different kinds of structures that are constructed and installed in homes so that they can help in doing what people would like to be serviced with. Some of the things that people would like to be done to them include maintaining of the gates so that they can remain functioning and not cause people to be delayed at all. In West Hollywood,

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What to Consider When Shopping For Automatic Gates

Among the different gate variants today, electronic or automatic residential gate openers are preferred by a rising number of homeowners, because of a number of reasons. Gates with multicode remote programs offer: security, convenience of use,

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4 Benefits of Having a Security Gate

Having a driveway security gate has its advantages. If you are thinking about having a new gate installation done, you will have many choices to make. You will have to consider what type of material you want and then think about how you want the doors to open.

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